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Bone and Joint Day 2019



JOACON-2019 RIMS Ranchi

Photograph showing Prof(Dr) B.Mukhopadhyay, Wife Sita Mukhopadhyay,
Son John Mukhopadhyay with Dr Robert Roaf & Dr Paras Deo Sinha

Bone and Joint day on 4th August 2016

JOA - 2014

IOA - Ganga


Founder Members JOA

First Meeting After Registration JOA

Website Launch - 25.01.2014

Website Launch - Press Release

Deformity Detection Camp - 03.08.2013

Interesting Cases

  • Atlanto Axial dislocation with cervical myelopathy with Ankylosing spondylitis.
  • Knee Joint Replacement using latest navigation system provides better accuracy and betterresults

News & Events