JOA Members

LM No.: JOA 181
Name: Dr Saankritya Ayan
Address: Radha Ramesh villa, deputy Para
Ranchi - 834001

LM No.: JOA-182
Name: Dr Anand Modi

LM No.: JOA-183
Name: Dr Ranbir singh

LM No.: JOA-184
Name: Dr Karandeep singh sandhu

LM No.: JOA-185
Name: Dr Nikhil Drolia

LM No.: JOA-186
Name: Dr Chandramani Roy

LM No.: JOA-187
Name: Dr Md Shiraz Ali

LM No.: JOA-188
Name: Dr Devendra Kumar
Address: Bokaro

LM No.: JOA-189
Name: Dr Jay Palak
Address: Ranchi

LM No.: JOA-190
Name: Dr Janki Sharan Bhadani
Address: Patna

What's New

Constitution of JOA

Interesting Cases

  • Atlanto Axial dislocation with cervical myelopathy with Ankylosing spondylitis.
  • Knee Joint Replacement using latest navigation system provides better accuracy and betterresults

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